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We all know it’s pretty tough to get up in the mornings during the autumn and winter months. Even when we have got out of bed, it takes a while, or copious shots of espresso to actually wake up. It’s dark when our alarms go off in the morning, dark when we leave work and if we’re working in the office all day, it’s easy to miss daylight all together. No wonder many suffer from SAD (seasonal affect disorder).

I need to be at my best first thing in the morning and often I may get a client call me before I have even left for work. I cannot afford for it to take me until mid-morning to feel awake. I am generally a morning person and as soon as I am out of my bed, I am awake and chirpy. But this changes slightly come the end of October when the clocks have gone back. When October comes, I bring out this little bad boy;

It’s a light box that gives the impression of daylight. This particular one is by Lumie. During autumn and winter, I have this by my bedside. When my alarm goes off, it usually takes me a while to get out of bed. Within minutes of opening my eyes, I turn on the light box whilst checking my emails and Twitter – which usually takes about 15 minutes. During these 15 minute, I get what feels like daylight in the form of a light box. All this without getting out of bed or drawing back the curtains (no doubts it’s pretty miserable if I were to draw back the curtains).

I don’t believe I suffer from SAD, however, I do believe this little light box sees me through the darker days. I usually have it in the background whilst having my breakfast and getting ready for work. I would occasionally take it to work with me, if I am still finding it hard to wake up and I’d leave it in the background, so it catches my eye but isn’t constantly in front of me.

I see a lot of moaning and just general miserableness on my Twitter feed when I read through it in the morning. I really believe this could help a lot of people and it’s a handy travel size too. If you travel a lot, it’s great for jetlag too. I have had mine for a couple of years and I rely on it wholeheartedly.

Let me know if you’ve tried it. Also, let me know what gets you through the morning.

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