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My Louis Vuitton Diary

No matter how much technology moves on or how reliant I become upon my iPhone, there is one thing that no gadget will ever be able to replace and that’s my Louis Vuitton Agenda. As you probably know, I have a huge obsession with all (well, most) things Louis Vuitton.

I have had my Louis Vuitton agenda from 2008 and each year, usually around November time I look forward to taking a trip to Louis Vuitton on Bond Street to get the following year’s refills. The agenda is small and therefore can only hold 3 – 4 months at a time, so I feel I am constantly refilling and taking out months. Despite this, it is very handy. It has a day on a page, which a box for notes at the bottom. I also have a grid of each month on two pages, giving me a glance of events instantly. There are blank notes at the back of the diary as well as stickers to add throughout the year.

I was recently going through all my previous diaries and I have noticed I am missing a year. I cannot find 2010. It wasn’t exactly the best year of my life, but I wouldn’t have discarded it, so it is a mystery where 2010 has disappeared to.




At the end of the year, I put the refill sheets in a box to store away. These are put into boxes from other Louis Vuitton purchases.

Although the agenda is fairly old and each time I go for refills I am pitched the latest agenda from the sales assistant. However, I have yet to find one that is good enough to replace my agenda. Despite it being four years old, I have kept it in pristine condition, even though it goes with me everywhere.

Here is my 2012 diary all prepared with birthdays, appointments and post-it notes – and it is already in full use;

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