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I think I have got the travel bug. I went on holiday with the girls in September, after years of not going on holiday because I was too busy with work. But now I’m back, I not only had a great time but I have caught the travel bug.

I wanted to go away during New Years, so asked friends if they would like to go to Ireland. Most of my friends are either married, engaged, pregnant, have children, can’t afford to go away or boring (apologies to any friends reading this). So rather than getting stressed out by planning something that should be relaxing, I thought I would go away alone. I have never holidayed alone but thought it would be easier to go away on my own. Within hours of deciding, I had booked the flights and a hotel for five days in Dublin.

The following day I told friends over lunch that I booked a holiday. When they asked with who, they were all baffled and somewhat shocked when I said I was going alone. At first they were convinced I was going to meet someone there.

I’m actually looking forward to it. It would be a nice few days getting away from everything. Also I want to end the year by reflecting on the past twelve months as well as looking forward to and planning the future twelve months. I used to spend a lot of time on my own when I was younger and used to enjoy going into coffee shops with a good book. I quite enjoy my own company but haven’t done much of that without work being involved. I have booked myself into a nice hotel with a spa and a nice bath tub so I can fit in a bit of pampering. I will be doing a lot of reading and some writing, making personal goals for 2013 and I will also be planning things to do and see in the city.

What really surprised me was the reaction of my friends when I said I was going alone. When I questioned them, I realised they weren’t worried about the safety element, but just shocked why I would go alone. The fact they couldn’t give me a reason why they were shocked was somewhat telling. Holidaying alone is becoming a growing trend. There are even websites and services set up for those wanting to holiday alone, so not sure why the stigma amongst some of my friends.

As this is my first time holidaying alone, if you have any tips then I would love to hear them. Also what are your thoughts to holidaying alone, would you do it? Is it something you regularly do?

I could hate it by the end of it, but I could also love it and want to do it more often. One way to find out, bring on December.

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