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My Obsession with Zara

Now I’m a big Zara fan. It’s the first high street shop I go to and I can spend hours in it. Half my wardrobe is from Zara.

Being on crutches has meant I haven’t been ale to go shopping. Yes, I can go to the shops but I can’t go shopping. I can just about carry everything I like into the changing rooms when I have two working legs and arms free, so going on crutches would not only be a challenge but a tease. I have resorted to online shopping. This isn’t the same at all. I want to go shopping even more now that I know I can’t.

I have been dreaming about going Into Zara, just to be able to touch the clothes and feel the material. I know it sounds pathetic, but it’s true. So, I have been on he Zara website just to keep in the loop about what they have instore. So I thought I would do a blog post on my wish list. By the time I am able to go shopping (around 2 weeks), I will be ready to make room for the following in my wardrobe.

(Coat, £79.99)

(Blazer, £69.99)

(Blazer, £79.99)

(Shirt, £59.99)

(Shirt, £39.99)

(Trousers, £29.99)

(Trousers, £39.99)

(Trousers, £39.99)

(Trousers, £39.99)

(Trousers, £29.99)

(Trousers, £29.99)

(Trousers, £29.99)

(Shoes, £59.99)

(Shoes, £39.99)

(Shoes, £49.99)

(Shoes, £59.99)

(Shoes, £39.99)

(Shoes, £49.99)

(Shoes, £59.99)

(Shoes, £29.99)

(Shoes, £99.99)

(Shoes, £39.99)

(Shoes, £19.99 – you never know when you may be on crutches again and in need of flats)

(Shoes, £69.99)

(Shoes, £69.99)

(Bag, £69.99)

(Bag, £89.99)

(Bag, £49.99)

(Necklace, £22.99)

And that’s it (so far). I hope no one was doing the maths!

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Last time I went shopping was a week before my holiday. I am now itching to go shopping but it isn’t very easy whilst on crutches. So, I have resulted to online shopping. It’s not been that bad as I have only shopped in the sale and here is what I have been buying this week;

To be totally honest I bought the below because they were so cheap and I am still in holiday mode with not having unpacked and looking back at holiday photos. I am sure these will get recycled next year

(New Look, £10)

(New Look – £10)

(New Look – £10)

(New Look – £10)

(New Look – £12)

(New Look – £6)
I am not one for leggings but bought these purely for the price. Although it would look good with a white T-shirt over the top for around the house.

(New Look – £10)
I would probably wear this with a pair of black leggings as easier to wear leggings whilst on crutches but leggings alone are not my look.

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Galaxy prints

I’m see Galaxy prints all over the HIgh Street. Alexa Chung and Chloe Green seem to be a fan.
Here are some Galaxy prints that are out of this world;

(New Look – £10)

(New Look – £7)

(New Look – £7)

(New Look – £6)

(ASOS – £30)

(ASOS – £30)

(ASOS – £16)

(ASOS – £25)

(ASOS – £24.99)

(ASOS – £25)

(River Island – £12)

(River Island – £16)

(River Island – £45)

(River Island – £30)

(River Island – £15)

(Boohoo – £8)

(Boohoo – £10)

(Boohoo – £10)

(Boohoo – £10)

(Boohoo – £16)

(Boohoo – £20)

(Boohoo – £12)

(Boohoo – £10)

(FashionUnion.com – £25)

(FashionUnion.com – £10)

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Fur coats

There are some great selection of fur costs this season. Here are a selection available online and from the High Street;

(Faux fur coat, £89 – M&Co)

(Colour block faux fur, £85 – Warehouse)

(Faux fur coat, £40 – F&F at Tesco)

(Leopard Print faux fur jacket, £65 – Next)

(Grey faux fur jacket, £60 – Next)

(Natural Look belt coat, £85 – Lipsy)

(Ombré faux Mongolian fur coat, £80 – TopShop)

(Chocolate cut faux fur coat, £75 – BHS)

(Cream swirl faux fur coat, £69 – BHS)

(Myleene Klass faux fur coat, £110 – Littlewoods)

(Taupe midi faux fur coat, £64 – Wallis)

(Love Label faux fur coat, £72 – Littlewoods)

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Last year I blogged about choosing my winter coat and I realised I left it late in the year. But the weather was kinder to us last year. So this year, I’m already keeping my eyes out for this Year’s coat.

I love this coat from Burberry and I’m quite keen on the military look.

(Burberry, £1,795.00)

I think a smart military coat brings glamour to cold winter days.

If you’re looking for a high street alternative then Marks and Spencer do a similar one here.

There are so many great choices of coats out there. I will be doing a little guide on all the different styles from the high street. Do let me know if you see any great ones out there.

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I have got a little carried away with shopping these last three weeks – especially when it’s all about buying other people presents. My theory is that if you can’t learn to treat yourself, then how can you treat others? Though, I have!

As you’ll notice, there are more work type buys here, more than anything else. Not quite sure what point I’m trying to make but yes, do bear that in mind!


1. Powder Pink Collarless Blouse. Oasis. £42.00

I love this shirt. Although I would wear it during the day, it is one I would wear in the evening. Also looks great with the shoes in picture 3.

2. Peg Trousers with Pleated Front. ASOS. £35.00

These trousers aren’t too in your face. You can play them down with a plain black top, or really make them stand out with a white shirt.

3. Carvela Alexandra taupe. John Lewis. £100

I spotted these by accident whilst shopping on Christmas Eve with my mum and aunt. I instantly fell in love with them and have worn them twice already. Believe it or not they are very comfy – and only start hurting by the end of the day.

4. Prada Eau de Parfum 30ml. Boots. £38.00

I wanted to choose a perfume that reflected my personality and wanted it to be chosen by someone else. So I asked my aunt to choose and I trust her taste (perfume wise). I have only worn the perfume since buying it and have had numerous compliments about how good I smell. Will definitely be buying it in a bigger size.

5. Kindle. John Lewis. £89.00

On Twitter I have been debating getting a Kindle for so long. So on Christmas Eve I was adamant I was going to buy one and I did. I had a three hour train journey soon after buying it and it really did come in use for that. It’s easy to read and take with you. I will probably do more of a review on it later.

6. Midi Dress in 40s print. ASOS. £40.00

This isn’t what I would usually go for but something about the print made me go for it. Worn it once so far and I quite like it.

7. Blue tailored slim leg trousers. ASOS. £35.00

I love love love the fit on these trousers. They are great – especially with heels. I can wear it for work and casual with lots of items from my wardrobe already. I especially like the line going down the front.

8. Kimono with Lace Inserts. ASOS. £22.50

I have only tried this one and haven’t been blown away by it but I want to keep it in my wardrobe for a time when it may be needed. Or it may just be one of those items that never get worn!

9. Stone swing Jumper with Roll Neck. ASOS. £30.00

I like the idea of this. I have tried it on but yet to wear it – maybe this week!

10. Kimono with Embroidered Border. ASOS. £55.00

This is meant to be an outdoor wear but I just couldn’t see myself wear it as that. So I have turned it into my night gown. I have a belt from old trousers and I will get around to sewing it on, turning into a belt.

11. Trousers with Elastic Cuff. Asos. £40.00

I don’t really understand these trousers. I like the colour but confused about the cuffs at the bottom. However, they are staying as they add colour to the wardrobe and when I have more time, I may get around to seeing how it’s meant to be.

12. Liquorish Stripe Blanket Cardigan. ASOS. £55.00

This cardigan is a little too bit and with the right top underneath, it will go nicely wrapped with a belt. I have yet to wear it.

13. White cardigan with Plait trim. Oasis. £60.00

This cardigan is a lot chunkier than it looks in the picture. It has one button in the middle, but when I have worn it tied up, I have attached safety pins to each plait section.

14. Houndstooth Panelled Blazer. ASOS. £55.00

The thing I like most about this is the fit. The colour makes it look a little more authoritative than I like, but I imagine needing that look at some point. It doesn’t look too much with a pair of white trousers, so it’ll come in use, I’m sure.

15. White Boucle Mix Trousers. ASOS. £40.00

These trousers are really heavy to hold. I don’t completely get how it goes as there are too many folds. I am hoping to figure it out at some point.

16. Feather Pendant Necklace. ASOS. £10.00

This necklace is too long and the clasp doesn’t open easily. I am going to put it on a shorter necklace or use it as a brooch.

17. Oh Deer Scarf. River Island. £15.00

I bought this as thought it would look great with my Zara coat. I have yet to figure out how to tie and fold it in the way I like.

18. Peacock Feather Drop Earrings. ASOS. £10.00

I wore these before Christmas and noticed that the back of the earrings went missing. I will use another butterfly back. It’s not an overpowering look and actually looks great with my hair up or down.

19. Tailored Slim cropped Trouser. ASOS. £30.00

These trousers are a lovely colour of red and a great fit. I can wear it both at work or socially. I also like the fact they go well with the Carvela shoes above.

20. Green tunic jumper with zip back. ASOS. £38.00

I mainly bought this for the colour. I was going to use it more as a top by tucking it into trousers. It goes well with the red jack in picture 22 – I still love colour blocking.

21. Basic Scoop Neck Lightweight Vest. ASOS. £6.00

Just a basic white vest everyone needs in their wardrobes! Nothing more to be said.

22. Red Wool Jacket with Gold Buttons. ASOS. £45.00

Although it is called a jacket, it is more of a cardigan. I love the wool feel of it and just looks great if you’re needing a bit of colour but don’t want to make too much of an effort.

23. Vila Printed Tee. ASOS. £15.00

I actually bought this because I needed more casual clothes. However, the day after buying this, I did wear it to work. So depending how you wear it, it is a look for both work or casual.

24. Black Wool Jacket with Gold Buttons. ASOS. £45.00

After getting this in red, I wanted one in black too. Goes with most things in the wardrobe and not too heavy but still keeps you warm.

25. Temper Pleated side zip shoe boot. ASOS. £35.00

I needed some sensible winter type boots and despite the heels on them, it seems these are it. Now, I won’t be wearing them in the snow or anything but they keep the toes warm. Not only that, they look great on.

26. Diavolina Rose Suede Cut-Out Detail Shoe. ASOS. £106.00

A little bit of an indulgent buy but I bought this thinking when I get them, I won’t like them. I actually fell in love with them and can’t wait for a lovely evening out where I can wear this to! Not the usual type of shoe I would go for but I’m glad I have!

27. Fashion Forms Tape Dispenser. ASOS. £10.00

An everyday wardrobe saviour! I don’t think it’s as durable as the Hollywood tape, as it seems a little flimsy and the dispenser isn’t great, as it doesn’t actually cut properly.

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I usually do a ‘Total Buys This Week’ post at the end of the week. However, I have not done one in a while, so this is a Total Buys This Fortnight post and at the beginning of the week!

This fortnight I have done quite a bit of shopping – more than I usually do. I even found myself shopping before a meeting, then hiding the bags to go to the meeting, then leaving the office early so I could hit the store before they closed as I rushed to my hair appointment. It’s been somewhat frantic and I am wondering if I have forgotten any items.

Instead of uploading images of my buys separately, I found it easier to upload just one image of all my buys. Here they are some of them, some as I haven’t been able to picture the others;

1. Bag: Zara £99.99

I absolutely LOVE this bag now! I say now because I wasn’t so sure about it initially. I went to buy this bag in black, but they didn’t have any left. I desperately needed a bag the following day as my current one was falling apart! So I took it anyway, thinking I may end up liking it – and I have. I have had no end of comments on it from family, friends and colleagues who have seen it. I even had a colleague looking through it in excitement!

The size is great as it means I can fit most of my work stuff in it, including folders. I can even get my MacBook into it – though it does get slightly heavy with it in. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it needs more pockets inside it. It only has one big pouch in the middle and that’s it. No zip pocket or phone holder on the insides. As you can image quite a bit can get lost in it.

I usually carry it on my arm with the handles, as it is quite heavy once I have put everything into it. However, I do sometimes carry it on my shoulders but don’t always feel too secure about that!

2.  Dress; TopShop £34

I got this dress because it looks great on! It is not something I would have gone for before, but I went to the TopShop in Nottingham, where I got an appointment with a stylist. I was looking for something specific and was just getting a little fed up with my usual style. I used to see so many people with great clothes and whenever I asked them where it was from, they would say ‘TopShop’. Yet when I would go into a TopShop store, I’d not be able to find anything I liked. The only high street place I know that does private appointments with a stylist is TopShop, although I think someone on Twitter told me that Oasis are doing them too! So I tried this dress on and I was amazed how great it looked on. It is quite a low neck, so you can always put a cami on underneath! I have also seen someone wear it with leggings. I have yet to wear it out, but that’s because I need to find a belt for around the waist, otherwise it doesn’t look great.

3. Pencil Skirt: TopShop £30

I bought this skirt whilst at my appointment with the stylist, as it looked great with the shirt (below) and it was different to what I would wear. It comes in many different colours and has a faux leather trim and zip detail at the back. It goes with so many different items, as I had fun finding out. There would actually have more items, but I was rushing to go to a meeting and didn’t want to carry all the items with it to this meeting. I have since ordered the other items online!

4. Blouse; TopShop: £34

I love this blouse. It looks great with the above skirt as with lots of other items in my wardrobe. I have only worn it for work stuff but it does look great with a pair of jeans for the casual look. It is baggy enough to hide any extra mince pies, or can be tucked in for a neater look! One to be worn with a cami underneath, as the material is very thin!

5. Agenda Refills; Louis Vuitton, £34

I love this time of the year, mainly because it means a new diary and packing away my old one. I don’t throw diaries away – I am hoping one day mine will be worth a fortune!! I have the Vernis Louis Vuitton Agenda (diary) and because I have the smaller size in this, it means I can’t put the whole year in at once, which is somewhat of a pain.

6. Armery: Mary House of Fraser £17.50 each

I bought two of these, one in the purple you see in the picture and one in navy. These are Mary Portas’ invention. Although she created them for women who don’t like their arms, I am buying them because they are great to keep my arms warm in the winter. I went to Mary’s shop at House of Fraser a couple of weeks ago and bought these without trying them on. I have since worn them on a couple of occasions. Although they are comfortable, I am not entirely please with them, because if you wear them with a dress that has very short sleeves, you can see the armpit and other areas of the skin. I thought this would cover the whole area, so for that reason I don’t find them practical with very short sleeves.

They are a comfortable fit and the material is great on them. I love the two colours and I am considering whether to get the black and the lace ones too!

7. Babydoll; La Senza £30

I don’t want to say too much about this, but featuring it only because it is part of my ‘Total Buys This Fortnight.’

I did also buy a black bra from La Senza, but didn’t find it on the website to take a picture of it, and didn’t want to take a photo of my one.

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Each week on a Sunday I will log what I have bought at the end of that week. Fear not, I will not log my food or any of the everyday things. It will mainly be fashion and beauty related, with the odd pieces here and there.


Blue Reiss Trousers

I did buy a few items when purchasing these trousers but I have returned the others, so they don’t count.

These trousers fit so well and I absolutely love the blueness of them. It goes very well with white, beige/cream and as well as other bright items in my wardrobe. I cannot wait to wear them.


Make up bag

My sister loves Topshop, I rarely shop in it, mainly because it is always so busy. So on Friday after work, I decided to have a look. I quickly got bored at looking at the clothes, so decided to do that later online. I went to the jewellery and accessories section and saw this make up bag. I have been thinking of updating my make-up bag and this is the perfect size. I also love the inside of the bag too.


 Nail Varnish

I mainly only wear Chanel nail varnishes, mainly because they are so lovely when applying – so idiot proof. I also like the bottles. I decided to try on some of Topshop’s nail varnishes as I remember my sister saying how much she liked them. I decided upon a colour and bought it. I have applied it to my sister’s nails but haven’t had time to wear them, so I won’t comment on it just yet!

Overall, I think I have done well with my spending! Feel free to giving me a telling off if you see too many clothes in this section!



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If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’ll have known all about my search for a winter coat. You may also know that I am very fussy and I’ll know when I see the right coat. I love my collection of coats and still have a coat I bought in 2008 and despite wearing it for most winters since; it’s still in pristine condition.

A few weeks ago I went shopping with my mother for our winter wardrobes. I love going shopping with my mum, mainly because it’s a great ego boost when she asks me for my thoughts on clothes. Oh, how times have changed. I tried not to try and go shopping for a coat – I didn’t need the pressure, but if I saw one I’d buy it. I don’t mind spending money on the perfect coat as it will see me through. I tend to go for classic designs that won’t necessarily be dated.

I love going into Zara and half of my work wardrobe is from there. When I went in to the store with my mother, I saw a coat. Sorry, not a coat but THE coat. It was perfect. I didn’t think I’d be buying my winter coat from Zara.

I have currently lost my camera so have not been able to upload a picture of it. So I have taken the image from their website. It is the one below, however, it looks MUCH better on. I had to take a second look at the picture to see it was the right one.

However, when trying it on, I realised they didn’t have it in my size. I tried on a size smaller that just fit and gave the idea of what the right size one would look like. I liked it that much that I contemplated buying it in that size smaller. It did fit but just meant I wouldn’t be able to try wear much underneath it – so pretty pointless really. When I see something I like, I am rather impatient and do want it there and then. At the time, I did have a looked online and Zara didn’t have it available. I started having mini palpitations as it meant it was popular and I’d never find it in my size.

Two weeks ago I went to an event and on the way back to the office, I made a detour to Zara to check if they had the coat in my size. They didn’t. But this time they had a size bigger. It obviously fit but it looked a little too big when fastened. I was sensible and decided not to buy it.

Upon leaving, I got the days they get deliveries and made sure I’d ring on the afternoon of the delivery. I did that twice with no luck. Then last week I rang, not expecting much and they had my size. I almost squealed. Ok, I did squeal but I was home and no one heard! However, I couldn’t get into Zara that day, and had to get it authorised by the manager to see if they could save it until the end of the following day. I got my sister to pick it up for me as she works nearby.

When I got it, it fitted so perfectly. It was warm and lovely. I was happy. The beauty of it is that it is not just a coat for work; I could wear it casually with jeans.

I have been desperate for it to get cold, or at least cold enough to wear it. So on Sunday, I wore it to nip across the road to the shops in it. Then last night I had an evening meeting, as it was dark early, I thought I would get the coat out. It managed to get quite a few comments and this pleased me immensely – although I didn’t let it show, just made out I was cold!

Having declared my love for the coat, I am still on the look-out for another coat. So if you do see any great ones, please send my way!

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