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I love desserts. Most type of desserts hit the spot, many of which make up the majority of my Twitpic images on Twitter. Dessert is the first thing I look at on the menu when in restaurants and usually how I judge a great restaurant from a good one. I am sure you will agree that it finishes of any meal nicely – especially as there is so much variety.

The other weekend I went food shopping (a task I do once a blue moon). One of the things on my shopping list was to buy some desserts. It specifically said ‘nice desserts.’ I thought shopping aisles; in particularly the dessert ones would be full of tempting types. I was very wrong.

I trawled the aisle, a few aisles in fact and nothing jumped out at me. I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me as I don’t usually have a problem choosing desserts. Then I stumbled upon this;

I never saw or heard of it before and was willing to give some new company a go. I thought ‘well done them for doing so well at the pitch and making it onto the supermarket shelf’. I know I am in a different industry but I know just how hard that task is. However, in this particular supermarket it didn’t seem like it was a tough competition or one at all. The lovetub was packaged great. It had all the words I wanted to hear.

That evening I made sure I left enough room after my meal to enjoy the dessert with a nice cup of tea. I enjoyed taking it out the fridge, get my spoon and even take off the lid to peel the cover back. That was the extent of my enjoyment I’m afraid. I put my spoon into the lovetub and had to do it with a little force. It was everything but what the cover of tub said. It didn’t melt in my mouth, there was no sponge and as for it being ‘gooey’, well that wasn’t very truthful either. However, have to give it to them, they were right about the ‘choc hearts’ on the top! The lesson of this dessert disaster is to not judge a dessert by the cover.


You get in the way of my dessert and you will know all about it. This dessert was so wrong, so very wrong actually that I am beginning to think I was just unlucky. Did I pick a faulty tub? So if any of you have tried it, I would love to know if you have had the same experience with the lovetub. Also, and more importantly, feel free to recommend any other desserts to me. I am happy to try these out for you. I will do all the hard work!

Having said all this, I did polish it off. Don’t you just hate waste?

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